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NDTV Profit one of the popular Indian news channel. This channel is an Indian business news channel which language is English. Beginning of this is by “New Delhi Television” in the year of 2005, January. After getting started this provide a competition to the monopoly. The interesting thing is that the CNBC-TV18 enjoys this. Both the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and NSE (National Stock Exchange) is cover by it. It simply means a large number of journalist are in action and covering the whole.

Along with that it also covers the latest and new deals on business and made itself as a platform. This platform is for the companies to give the result to the public. Results are presented with the net profit, growth rate and other things require for that. One of the largest screens in India is installed in the BSE building on the date of 14 December in the year of 2006. The reason for these to get fixed is disseminated information of the capital market. Interesting fact is that this all is supported by the NDTV Profit.

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Trading Hours:

The trading hour’s business programming of the NDTV Profit’s has moved from profit. After that, they are now featuring as regular finance and business segments. There are high-quality finance and business segment with the enhancement of the viewer experience during the trading hours.

Key personalities and Anchors:

Rachna Rao: The channel head of both channels the NDTV Profit and NDTV Prime. One of the talented people working with this organization. Being the Head of the Operations, this lady also leads the team which is diverse. This lady is also responsible for the coordination which is between different technical departments. All of the departments include

  • cameraperson
  • Graphics
  • Editors
  • master control room
  • Production control room
  • A content producer who make way to all the contents which are being displayed on the channel

All day to day work, all the running and all the mess is on the shoulder of this person. Include

  • Channel packaging
  • Show Structures
  • Event Flows

Experience: This woman has experience of 20 years in the field of production with the news channel. News channels include.

  • NDTV India
  • Star News
  • NDTV Profit
  • NDTV Prime

Not only that she is also the producer and the director of the events like

  • business leadership Awards
  • NDTV’s Bike and Car Awards
  • Design and Architecture Awards
  • property Awards.

Interest: She becomes the all-around professional by her interest in the online space. Also watching the news on television which basically mean her interest in her work.

Siddharth Vinayak Patankar: The “Auto and Head of Automobile Programming” and the currently Editor with NDTV anchor and Group of “The Bike and Car Show“.

Experience: having a decay of experience in the industry.

The primetime news anchor and the business correspondent on the NDTV network. He has made key interviews and exclusive reports with global relations and worldwide systems.

Some of them are

  • GM’s Rick Wagoner
  • Renault Nissan’s Carlos Ghosn
  • Toyota’s Katsuaki Watanabe.

Shruti Verma Singh: She is the person who oversaw and launches the two in one India first channel NDTV Profits. Inaddition to that, she is also Strategy, head and Brand for the channel. Even the Senior Anchor and editor of all about the Ads, marking, a show advertising and brands, which is on the air for about 12 years.

Experience: This woman has an experience of more than 22 years in the TV experience as

  • Producer
  • News Anchor
  • Reporter
  • NDTV 24×7
  • Star News (English)
  • The weekend anchor of the popular and famous Good Morning India show on Star Plus

Shruti is one who gone to set up the Pune bureau which is for the Star News. There she shot her own stories and report them all, before getting back to New Delhi she specializes on legal issues and HRD Ministry in the field of publishing. Two main stories of her, which led to changes areas of human disability and trafficking because of the change in the policy. NDTV good times appoint her as the “Division Head”.

Making and the thinking and organizing the shows like “Lounge, Women on Top and Heavy Petting”. The relaunch of the 1st two in one channel is overseen by her while handling a huge team across it which include the social media team. Anchoring various events and getting invited as speakers and moderator in the forums of the industry. These forums are related to Media landscape and advertising.

This television is for more about a quarter of a century being the first to explore or make a new road to the media, video and digital journalism. NDTV is the most viewed, respected and credible news channel, which is a leader in internet and very lifestyle network. It is nominated for the best 5 TV programs since independence for being the path-breaking “The World This Week”. Moreover, “The News Tonight” the first private platform on Doordarshan. Being on the top, giving all to the viewer, and reaching the height. All that with the support of the audience and the team, which is working 24 hours to give their best. The work, which is done with such effort, influences the real world. The power they are using and reaching the campaign. More than 27 years of innovative and dedicated programming, which is, bring to the focus on various issues somewhat social.

Rajiv Makhni: A host of different shows and the Tech Guru on Technology, lifestyle and Quizzing. Consulting Editor for technology in this company and winner of various awards columnist. The written thing from is for

  • HT Brunch
  • Hindustan Times
  • Outlook
  • GQ and others.

Outstanding model and businessperson who is currently writing a book, which is shocking, is not on technology.

Natasha Jog: The senior editor and senior anchor. 14 years of wide range of responsibility handled by special programming. From anchoring and reporting to overseeing different teams and managing bulletins. In addition, Natasha covers a wide range of programming. An extensive anchor from debates and daily shows to special programming on major challenges and issues. The variety show is hosted by her and award winner of the “60 Minute Verdict”, and she drives many shows. Now holding the Careers programming and Education and working in a daily show “Heads Up”. It is one of a kind show in the country getting the voice of youth unplugged.

Key Shows:

Mindspace: This is all about what course should be taken and answer the reason why? It also tells the way to achieve the dream job, which everyone has to get in life. Career and course anything, which is of your concern it will address to you. Giving you what you need and want to go ahead in life and to reach the height of the sky.


Leadership Awards:

What the award began of the NDTV Profit Business Leadership Awards is in July and the year is 2006 by the NDTV Profit. “Manmohan Singh” is the first person who gives the first awards and he is the Prime Minister of India. The first edition of this award is given to the entrepreneurs. The Viewer Choice Best Global Indian Award is given to “Nandan Nilekani” of the Infosys.

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Categories: Markets, Earning, Buy or Sell, Latest, Money (Saving and Investment, Mutual Funds, MF Dashboard, insurance, Tax and Property), Corporates, Economy, Industry (Auto, banking and Financial Services, Consumer Products, Services, Pharma, Energy, infrastructure, Technology, Media and Telecom.), Video, Insurance special, Portfolio ,Lifestyle: Gadgets, Careers and People ,Trends


More Details:

Launched 2005
Owned By NDTV
Picture Format 4:3 (576i, SDTV)
Slogan News You Can Use
Country Hindustan
Language English
Broadcast Area India
Headquarters New Delhi, Mumbai
Sisters Channel’s NDTV 24×7, NDTV India, NDTV Good Times
Website ndtv.com/business

Availability Satellite:

Airtel Digital TV Chnl. 306
Tata Sky Chnl. 520
Videocon d2h Chnl. 383


Asianet Digital Chnl. 432

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