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India TV news channel which is held in Noida, Uttar Pradesh India. In 20 may 2004 this channel was launched. The publisher of this gossip platform is Rajat Sharma and his talented wife, Ritu Dhawan. The network of this channel is independent news services, Private Ltd. Which was also co-established by Sharma and Dhawan in the year 1998? In a short interval of time, Live streaming will be very prominent in all over India and became an India leading transmission. In this, all of the team is very talented and gave a clear vision through their work. Professionals make brighter this platform as compared to others.

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Invention of Independent News Service:

Both of husband and wife co-founded this chatty platform in April 2004 from a studio in film city. Then at that time it considered one of the best and largest TV studios. After the succession of this both of these started their production house which named as independent service, which is also known as a parent company. Production house also owns by India TV channel.

Reaching high level through different goals:

In very shortly period it was created more records through its innovations, the struggle of a team, high ratings and team efforts with viewer support. Peoples inspire from its update breaks, talk shows on different channels, interesting documentaries, Bollywood films, articles and time magazines.

Interesting stories:

In a short period of its existence, Channel earned many interesting stories about aliens, drinking cow milk, the discovery of a real life all of these matters. With the efforts of Mr. Sharma, this canal was on no ten positions. Most famous because of its craziest piece of news about social media circles. Mostly it broadcast jokes for a long time through that now peoples think it is mimicry channel. With the effort of its interest which kept both his legs in the film carrier on the ground. A journalist for that people’s interest increased more. It also plays a vital role in the history of gossips. Through this TV in every home reached true and 100% correct Hindi news.[/expand]

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