NDTV 24x7 News

NDTV 24×7 News

NDTV 24×7 live streaming launched in 2003. Also, an English language news channel on which on-air and live streaming current affairs are shown. This television is held in New Delhi India. Channel launched when the contract matter of two big television channel expired. Star network and New Delhi Television had a contract after finishing that was launched. iT took much importance in news history due to its shows and lived broadcasting. It is India’s most high ranked and top rated English language channel. NDTV Limited owns this platform. This is known as its slogan, and every single person knows due to its famous name and it is “Fight for change”. When the contract is over with Star in 2003 launches its different gossip in the English language in which ( 24×7) and (India) was.

NDTV 24×7 News Live Streaming

[expand title=”For More Information Click Here”] NDTV stands for New Delhi Television. It started work as a news production company. After the ending of 1980s mostly live television broadcasting channels was used as private sector all across the India. That time only one platform that gives total information about live streaming channel and how to take live productions. That is Doordarshan. On that time, this canal only gave other little channels to fulfil assignments on covering the news. But on later it also took part in showing documentaries and current affairs programs.

In 1988, NDTV was handled by Prannoy Roy, who was the professor at Delhi University on the stage of Economics. With the efforts of his wife. Starting on its career with the weekly magazine named as “The World This Week” on this magazine it was covering all the local news, current affairs, news about world and entertainment. After that, it took place in the top gossips canals and became a part of breaking Indian television reporting programs. First 24×7 news live developed its programs for Doordarshan after the success it will work for CNN and BBC also.

Achievements through platform:

When any platform or company work hard, then it will be reached at the level of success. In 1989 itis the first platform that recognised and gave analysis about the election and their results. It’s India’s first televised coverage channel.

In 1995, Live streaming channel became very popular and reached Indian first private maker of national gossip with the live telecast of “Tonight” that was published on Doordarshan.


Indian television academy awards that were held on 2005 this won a best English informative award. Same this award ceremony was held in 2006 and that time again won best English channel of the year. On Asian television awards that were also held on 2005 It won best English news of the Asia.

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