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Manorama News, which also known by another name “MM TV” is a Malayalam language news channel. Live Streaming, or it is broadcasted from the Indian subcontinent, Middles East, Europe and North America. The main base of the channel is “Aroor Alleppey” where it is launched on the date of 1 August 2006. Also, on the same date, it coincides with Malayalam New Year. “Mediaguru Consultant Pvt. Ltd.” Is the media consulting company under, which this network is launched and assistance. 30 minutes non-stop newscast of the  Nattuvartha, regional news from 3 different regions of Kerala, viz. These 3 are a Malabar region, Kochi Region and Travancore region. This happens the first time in the country.

The tireless effort of the “MM TV” redefine the local space of Malayalam in the news. Constantly and consciously is the reason, which makes it different from others. Not only that, the fair and balanced debates, investigation stories with various opportunities from all. These all put the views which are rightful and honouring the rights which are correct and to be heard. Experts are playing the key role to get the interest of the viewer to help in the building of the awareness among all. “Kerala Can and Manassu” two programs are made for cancer and mental health, so the people get aware and attracting the public figure. Personalities and the people at national prominence are also got the view of these than what they lack to fulfil their duties and what step they are missing, and they have to take to comfort the people for which they have given the seat of governments.

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News director for this channel is “Johny Like” and with that responsibility he is also the anchors a programme “Nere Chove”. Input and the Output heads of the channel are “Pramond Raman” and “Romy Mathew”, and they are the coordinating Editors. This network said some special words for itself which are given below with meaning.

  • Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high” mean where to know everything is not fearful to know the positive and the negative things and with that mind think higher than its limits.
  • Where knowledge is free” mean no need pay for getting the information and also in this sense that it has no limits and reaching the infinity.
  • Where the world has not been broken up into fragments By narrow domestic walls” mean the sad reality of life. In the world where the mind is so narrow and only taking the additional point to humiliates others. Where the family and relation are not broken because of the narrow-mindedness.
  • Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection” mean giving all effort and bring the real and the perfect thing to the audience.
  • Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way” mean making the mind of the people clear and getting on correct decision quick.

More Information:

Launched 17 August 2006
Owned By Malayala Manorama
Picture Format 480i
Slogan Kerala’s No.1 News Channel
Country India
Langugae Malayalam
Broadcast Area Indian sub-continent, Middle East, Europe, North America
Headquaters Aroor, Alleppey District, Kerala
Sister Channel’s Mazhavi Manorama, Mazahavi, Manorama HD
Programs with time 1:30 PM, Nattuvartha, 2 PM News’s, 3 PM News, 4 PM News, 5 PM News’s, 5:30 PM Nattuvartha, 6 AM News’s, 6:30 PM Nattuvartha, 7 AM News’s, 7 PM News’s, 8 AM News, 8:30 AM Nattuvartha, 9 AM News, 10 AM News, 11 AM News, 12 Noon News, Choondu Viral, Counter Point, Gulf This Week, Janapathrika, Kerala Vottu Katha, Koddippada, Kuttapathram, Munvidhi

, Naattu Pacha, Nere Chowe, News’s Tonight, Niyanthrana Rekha, Orumani Vartha, Parayathe vayya, Pathumanivartha, Pularvela, Puthanpadam, Sandhya Vartha, Thiruva Ethirva, Vottuvartha

Contact Details:

Administrative office MMTV Ltd Near Aroor Toll Gate, NH Bypass Road, Aroor (Post) Alapuzha – 688 534 Kerala
Phone: +91 478 6610000
Email: editorial@mmtv,in and
Advertising details Email:
Phone: +91 478 6610000
Editorial: Email:
Phone: +91 478 6610000

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