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RTM Parlimen one of the most beautiful current channel in platform under the RTM Mobile. It stands for Radio Television Malaysia, which is a public broadcaster in Malaysia and also the owner company of the RTM Parlimen. The company is holding three stations of television with 36 radio stations in Malaysia. Live streaming is broadcaster 24 hours and seven days a week. It is based in Kuala Lumpur which is also known as KL and is the national capital. Organisation 70th anniversary is celebrated on the date of 1 April 2016. Beginning of the Radio Television Malaysia is on 1 April 1946. But the fact is that the broadcasting of the television is on December 1963.

In the start, they made two channel under this company, and they are “Radio Malaya” and “The Blue Network”. One is in Malay, and one is in English. At very first the transmission is held in Singapore, but later they move to Kuala Lumpur which opened in the year 1950. On the date of 31 August, 1957 Radio is split into two, and it is the date of independence of Malaya. The first location which is Singapore is taken by other new station, and they name it Radio Singapura. It is the reason why it moves toward Lumpur. 1 January 1959 they get the life or on air from this location.

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Trademark words are “Inilah Radio Malaysia”, and the transmission begin with these word on 16 September 1963. In the era of 1972 and 1999, the RTM share most of its time with the TV Pendidikan. It is an national channel on education which introduce the Television1 transmission on the daytime in 1994. Results in cased broadcasting. 1978 is the date when it starts showing the coverage to the people in colour in 1980 in Sarawak and Sabah. New Angkasapuri headquarters is made by the merge of the operations of radio and television on 1968. 2 brands of the station is open on the same year of 1969.

Further Details of RTM:

Type Public
Branding Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) as of 17 November 1969
Country Malaysia
First air date 1 April 1946
Avalability Nationwide
Founded 1 April 1946
Slogan Teman Setia Anda
(1987-2004, 2017-present as a jingle)
Tetap Unggul
Saluran Inforia
Setia Bersama (2017-present, as a logo)
Headquarters Angkasapuri, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Broadcast area Malaysia
Asia (Via Satellites)
Worldwide (Via Streaming)
Owner Government of Malaysia
Parent Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia
Key people Dato’ Haji Abu Bakar Bin Abdul Rahim (Director-General of RTM)
Launch date 1 April 1946
Former names Radio Malaya (1946–63)
Radio Malaysia (1963 – November 1969)
Televisyen Malaysia (1963 – November 1969)
Digital channel TVi (No Longer Available from 21 March 2018 To Replace by TV Okey), TV1, TV2, RTM HD
Official website rtmparlimen.rtm.gov.my/

Radio Stations

National Radio’s Klasik and perious name Radio’s 1, Minnal FM – previous name Radio’s 6, Rangkaian Nasional and Radio 8, Irama Melayu Asli, Music Station, TraXX FM – Old name Radio’s 4, Blue Network, Ai FM – Old name Radio’s 5, Green Channel, Red Network, Asyik FM – Old name Radio 7, Galaksi Muzik RTM (online radio’s, already stop since 2017), Nasional FM (broadcasts using the frequencies formerly used by Muzik FM) – Old name Radio 2
Local Perlis: Perlis FM
Penang: Mutiara Frequency Modulation
Selangor and Putrajaya: Selangor Frequency Modulation and KL
Perak: Perak FM
Negeri Sembilan: Negeri
Malacca: Melaka
Johor: Johor
Kuala Lumpur: KL FM and Selangor
Pahang: Pahang FM
Kelantan: Kelantan FM’s
Terengganu: Terengganu Frequency Modulation
Labuan: Sabah Frequency Modulation, Sabah V FM and Labuan FM’s
Sabah: Sabah FM, Sabah V Frequency Modulation, Keningau FM’s, Sandakan Frequency Modulationand Tawau FM
Kedah: Kedah FM’s and Langkawi Frequency Modulation
Sarawak: Sarawak FM’s, Red Frequency Modulation’s, Wai FM, Sibu FM’s, Miri FM’s, RaSa Frequency Modulation, Bintulu FM’s and Limbang FM’s

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