NTV7 Malaysia Live Streaming

NTV7 Malaysia Live streaming

ntv7 malaysia online

NTV7 is a terrestrial television channel in a Malaysia based on Petaling Jaya, Selangor. It is better-known as Natseven TV Sdn Bhd. Its purpose is to promote happier Malaysia. On April 1998, it started it’s broadcasting nationwide. Currently, it is broadcasting its transmission of three languages, Malaya, English, and Chinese. Its headquarter is in Sri Pentas, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. It does not provide 24-hour services. It provides its transmission of 07:00-10:00 hour only. This is also obtainable over Astro on channel 107.

Basic purpose of its Malaysian channel is to promote the happiness and make Malaysia more illuminated. With strong faith in the distribution of wholesome amusement, community values, and sensible families and, sensible cooperated citizenship, and to promote the national integration, this channel works on the appointment- base programs in such a way that reflects its philosophy as a “Saluran Ceria Anda”.

The meaning of doing to work under the appointment-base is to filter out the factors such as who are watching what and when, and also define when a program is slide in the TV seclude. Broadcast on the UHF frequency band offers to broadcast programs in mixture of languages like Malaysian, English and Chinese, made them regionally as well as some from overseas.

In 2005 Media prima Berhad declared its acquisition. It is also owned tree alternatives public channels in Malaysia: TV3, 8TV and TV9, likewise holding stake within the New Straits Times, which is closely held by New Straits Times Press Sdn Bhd.

Qualities of NTV7

It is a terrestrial that’s way wants to promote  as a happier and more enlightened therefore it broadcast the large verities of programs, its line-up including situational comedies (sitcoms), entertainment programs, dramas singleton, anime, game shows child’s programs and movies. It also provides a news bulletin in three languages like English, Malaya, and Mandarin.

At that time for Malaysia, it is only the analogue that is willing to provide Dual Sound, though it is not in use.
Current slogan of this is
• “Saluran Ceria Anda” (1998-present).
• “Your Home Of Feel Good” (2010-present)

The current slogan has two colors; one is the original purple, and the other is a red version.

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