RTM TV1 Live Malaysia

RTM TV1 Live Malaysia

RTM TV1 is a Malaysian public television station. It is the first and oldest Malaysian television channel via the internet that also referred as TV satu. It is firmly held and operated by a network radio television Malaysia (RTM) that is a government organization. This Malaysian channel launched on 23 December 1963. It is formally called TV Malaysia and RTM1. It awarded by Malaysia book of records. The headquarter is in Angkasapuri, Kuala Lumpur. It broadcast its transmission on twochannels, VHFchannel 5 and UHF channel 46. It broadcast their programs into two languages, its national language Malaya and other is English.

Brief History

At the beginning of Its transmissions, it does not provide 24-hour services but it started to provide 24-hour services in 2007. In 2008, this projected was denied but after two years it was restarted on 21 august 2012. On 28 December 1963 it began its broadcasts as TV Malaysia. Singapore introduced its own television station that simply begun 10 month ago, it is also a part of its transmission but both these networks were separated after two years when Singapore left the federation. During the era of 1972 to 1994, it started to share its time with TV Pendidikan (It is an educationalchannel) for daytime programs on weekdays, but it off its sharing with Pendidikan in 1994 when started its own daytime broadcasts on weekdays.

As it is an initiative and oldest station of Malaysia. Therefore, it broadcast programs nationwide, not only in a specific place.

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More About RTM TV1 Mayalsia

Advancement in RTM TV1

  • Since 1978 this channel becomes advanced, it started its transmission in colors. In 1984, it was renamed with RTM1 (radio transmission Malaysia1) but it came back to TV1 on 1 February 1990, but this name was again reverted in 2006, then again replace with TV1 in 2009.
  • Its first slogan introduced in 2009 “ saluran informasi” and later on 1 February 2013 it was replace with “ Mawarnailmu” (colors you) and now it is its current slogan.

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Wath RTM Mobile

You can watch it on your Android smartphone also on apple iPhone. Here you can download both software to watch it live. It provides you good quality streaming on your tablet. You can watch it anywhere.

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