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Astro Ria Malaysia

Astro Ria is a Malaysian satellite T.V channel in available in both Standard Definition (SD) and high definition (HD). SD mode is available in 576i and HD mode is available in the aspect ratio of 16:9. live streaming was launched in 1st of JUNE 1996 in SD mode and upgraded to HD mode in 29th of MAY … Read more

Astro Prima Live

Astro_Prima live stream hd

Astro Prima Live streaming can be watched on and also on Astro GO. Astro Prima is available on channels 123 (HD) and 322 (SD) for Astro subscribers. The channel is also available on Astro GO. Astro Prima is a Malaysian pay television channel owned and operated by Astro. It was launched on 1 June … Read more

RTM TV1 Live Malaysia

RTM TV1 is a Malaysian public television station. It is the first and oldest Malaysian television channel via the internet that also referred as TV satu. It is firmly held and operated by a network radio-television Malaysia (RTM) that is a government organization. This Malaysian channel was launched on 23 December 1963. It is formally … Read more

RTM TVi Malaysia Live

Tvi is a Malaysian digital television channel, known as RTM Tvi. It is state-owned and operate by Communication and Arts Malaysia, Radio-television Malaysia (RTM) and Malaysian broadcasting department. This is formally called RTMi, Muzil Aktif. It was launched focusing on the East Malaysian programs on 10 April 2011 named TVi, it is the part of RTM … Read more

TV3 Malaysia Live Streaming

TV3 is a Malaysian public, private television channel that is handled and operated by a private department Media Prima Berhad (it is a Malaysian conglomerate). On 1 June 1984 (almost 30 years ago), it starts its broadcasting at local time (18:00) that was launched by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad. It has its … Read more

TV2 Malaysia

TV2 is a Malaysian television channel that broadcast local and international programs. This channel is also referred as RTM2. It is controlled and operated by the Malaysian broadcasting department and Radio Television Malaysian (RTM), which is one of the Government departments. This Malaysian television channel launched in 17 November 1969, (it is about 44 years ago) … Read more

RTM Parlimen

RTM Parlimen one of the most beautiful current channel in platform under the RTM Mobile. It stands for Radio Television Malaysia, which is a public broadcaster in Malaysia and also the owner company of the RTM Parlimen. The company is holding three stations of television with 36 radio stations in Malaysia. Live streaming is broadcaster … Read more

Astro Ceria (Malaysia)

Astro Ceria is a public television channel in Malaysia. It is owned and operated by an Astro satellite television service. This channel is all about creating the element of entertainment for its audience. Its target audience is children Astro Ceria started to broadcast its program on 31 August 2006; it broadcast its programs in Malaysia … Read more

TV Al Hijrah (Malaysia)

TV AlHijrah online streaming is a government free to air television station of Malaysia that is controlled and running by a government owned department, Al Hijrah Corporation. The purpose of this channel is to promote the Islamic messages with current needs according to the Islamic development department (jakim) TV AlHijrah online streaming channel is officially … Read more

8TV (Malaysia)

8TV live streaming is free to air Chinese language private television channel in Malaysia. It facilitates its targeted audience: urban youth and Chinese audiences with a high quality of foreign and local programs. This channel is handled and operated by a private department Media Prima Berhad. It online news was launched on 1 July 1995 (almost … Read more