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MOB TV Malaysia

Mob TV is a Malaysian free to air private channel; it is the Internet only TV that is handled by the private Department of Malaysia. This online streaming is also known as Malaysian Observer TV station. It highly focused on the truth; therefore this channel is dedicated to spreading the truth related to the current news and political issues.

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Features of Mob TV & Talk Shows:

  • The unique thing is that it covers various topics that are related to the religious and political issues.
  • It is a distinctive channel in the Malaysian context because it there are only a few independent new media organizations in Malaysia and it is one of them.
  • It wants to spread a “Good Day” and Warm Welcome to all citizen of Malaysia.
  • Try to broadcast news and information with fact and figures, also prefer to use reliable sources.

Most popular shows:

  • Perbincangan Keputusan
  • Edisi
  • Salam Aidilfitri 2015
  • What says youth:
  • Info Ranadhan
  • Women’s power

It is an official website, and Malaysia channel is also available on Facebook and twitter. You can also subscribe this channel.

It started its production in April 2011 via the web. It broadcast its transmission from its headquarters in Desa Sri Hartamas and Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. It uses two languages for its transmission: English and Malaya. It is an Islamic and Malaysia is 60% consist of Muslims. Therefore, its focus is to highlight the issues related to the religious. It facilitates its audience with such programs that must be unique and different from other traditional mainstream TV. It provides it services nationwide not for the specific area. The content of this Malaysian Online Streaming Live is talk shows, news bulletin, Islamic and politics shows and others. All of these programs are based on truth, neutral, unbiased and highly support the freedom of speech with nice governance. It provides information that must hold information with facts and reliable sources that is surely lacking in other mainstream media. This invites its audience in their development programs and welcomes to contribute from the general public to get their views and opinion about the ongoing hot issue. It is help full in generating an active platform for public that create an open and up-to-date place for public to debate.

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