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TV2 is a Malaysian television channel that broadcast local and international programs. This channel is also referred as RTM2. It is controlled and operated by the Malaysian broadcasting department and Radio Television Malaysian (RTM), which is one of the Government departments. This Malaysian television channel launched in 17 November 1969, (it is about 44 years ago) when TV1 was divided into two channels.

It has their headquarters at Angkasapuri, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It broadcast its transmission nationwide and broadcast its programs in numerous languages, firstly in its national language Malaya and in others languages as English, Chinese, and Tamil. TV2 Malaysians public television channel is also on air over the Astro direct broadcast satellite on channel 102.

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TV2 began to provide its 24 hour a day transmission from 3 April 2006 by introducing more programs to grab the attention of viewers that compel them to stay up late with this. It offers entertainment programs, films and dramas but some programs are not allowed to on air such as sex and violence because it operated by the RTM, government departments.

During the period of 1972 to 1999 it starts to share its time with TV Pendidikan programs, alternate with TV1 until 1994 where it broadcast its morning event. On one march 1994, TV3 is started because Pendidikan begins to air. In 2000, it is only the channel that launches daytime programs expected Friday and weekends, where they were available in the morning in 2004 and in the weekends they appeared at 9 AM. In 2005, they signed-on at 6 AM on the daily basis but later began its 24-hour transmissions.

TV2 live from Malaysia

It currently broadcasts under group 3 with high frequency although some parts of Malaysia, transmit signals in UHF and the turn into band 2. It broadcasts in Klang Valley VHF channel for RTM2 with a weaker rate. Live streaming criticized because viewers are upset that it is not serious about its transmissions, it mostly broadcast its programslate, TV2telecast only 7 out of 17 races live, rest of others delayed telecast.

Dunia dia (is meaning happy world in Malaya)

TV2 (RTM) Famousprograms:

  • Person of Internet
  • The blindside
  • Laporan Harian Komanwel
  • Chimie
  • Crystal W
  • Rated A.F
  • Dragon Fo
  • Tumis Tum
  • Running Man
  • Shop In Love
  • English news (12:30-13:00, 20:30-21:00)
  • Tamil Seithi(19:30-20:00)
  • Mandarin News (12:00-12:20, 20:00-20:30)

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