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Astro Ria is a Malaysian satellite T.V channel in available in both Standard Definition (SD) and high definition (HD). SD mode is available in 576i and HD mode is available in the aspect ratio of 16:9. live streaming was launched in 1st of JUNE 1996 in SD mode and upgraded to HD mode in 29th of MAY 2015.

This network is considered as one of the very first 22 T.V channels that are broadcasted on ASTRO (All-Asian Satellite Television and Radio Operator) in 1996. The channel is provided by the 2/7 and 365 network broadcast at the ASTRO satellite.

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The network provides a variety of programs for the entertainment of its viewers. These programs comprise of shows, drama series, Sinetron Dramas and DramaRia slot.

Ramadhan Shows:

There is a variety of shows telecast by the channel. Name of some of the very well-known programs are

  • Helo Bro! Tolong Deko
  • Gaya Raya
  • M.A.I.D
  • Helo Bro! Tolong Stail

Reality Shows:

There are large number of events shown by the network, and all of these are very much like by the viewers. Name of some are

  • Akademi Fantasia
  • Majlis
  • Sehati Berdansa
  • MeleTOP
  • MasterChef Malaysia
  • Muka Buku
  • Raikan Cinta

In all of them Akademi Fantasia is most famous and Malaysian version of the well-known Mexican reality show La Academia format. The shows intake 12 contestants and only one of them wins.


The Station also broadcast a large number of dramas that are very much like by the audience. There are two slots for dramas one for Sinetron and another one is for RIA include  RTM TV1 .

Some famous dramas are

  • Alkautsar
  • Kusinero Cinta
  • Hafizah
  • Maskara
  • Cincin
  • Misiku Kuza

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