8TV (Malaysia)

8TV (Malaysia)

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8TV live streaming is free to air Chinese language private television channel in Malaysia. It facilitates its targeted audience: urban youth and Chinese audiences with a high quality of foreign and local programs. This channel is handled and operated by a private department Media Prima Berhad.
It online news was launched on 1 July 1995 (almost 19 years ago) in Malaya language as a Metro Vision Channel 8. At that time, 8TV News was handled by a City Television Sdn Bhd, it broadcasts from Shah Alam. In the begging it was only available in Kalag Valley, Seremban and parts of Malacca, later it start to provide its services to Singaporean viewers. To access this channel, its viewer must have to install fish-bone antennas to receive this services. It was closed due to some issues on 1 November 1999 and it re-launched on 8 January 2004 (almost ten years ago), at that time it was operated by Media Prima Berhad in Chinese languages. Currently, it providing its services in three languages: English, Malaya, and Chinese. It shows its slogan in two languages that is “we’re different” and “我们是不同的”.

This does not provide its services nation wide, it provides its services only in West Malaysia, and others can not see. It is also available on Astro 708, but with the 108 on ABNXcess and HyppTV. This tv does not provide 24-hour services a day, its original transmission hours were from 07:00 to 02:00 (midnight).

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Target of Live Streaming:

It facilitates with high-quality and unique local programs in English and mainly in the Chinese language. It highly targets urban youth viewers. Their content includes sitcoms, dramas and reality shows, mostly are those programs that are produced in Malaysia and imported from other countries. It broadcasts its event with the concept of “one station, two channels” because it mostly focused to broadcast its events in English languages.

Notable programs:
Local programs:
It usually produced Chinese
• Eve’s Diary
• Ho Chak!
• Let’s Cycle
• 8 E-news

Asian programs:

  • The voice of China (season 3)
  • Best of the East (current series: the stand-in)
  • Best of Hokkien (series imported from Taiwan)
  • Best of TVB (series imported from Hong Kong)
  • Guess (a variety show)

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